Monday, January 2, 2012

~happy born day yayang~

fashionista feeling khloe kardashian..

2 January 2012...
kakak turn 23 years old..
hip hip hooreyyy!!!!
i baru nak feeling2 22 tau...

thanks sebab sudi belikan my birthday present dari UK...
aku tak mampu nak bagi hadiah memahal..
so bila hang balik nanti aku belanja karaoke as your birthday present..
ok tak yang???

teacher lala,
let me write in english..
sorry kalau ada grammar yang salah..
that's your job to correct me..
nebes nihhh...

dear friend,
when i need someone to lean on,
you will always be there for me for so many years..
no matter what..
i'am grateful to have a wonderful friend like you in my life..
thank you Allah..

when we're together, we complement each other..
we can sit down and chit chatting for hours on same topic without getting bored..
you laugh at my stupid jokes..
cheer me up when i in the bad mood..
go along with my craziness..
but at the end of the day...
you still manage to see the best in me..

two is better than one..

auwww lomantiknyeww..kami memang pencinta makanan..

selalu beli baju sama tapi lain kaler..

from what you went through..
you're one of the most strongest person i've ever known..
and today, you should be proud of what you have achieved so far..
as a friend, i'm so proud of you and happy for you..

saya jadi diri saya bila dengan awak...

dua2 suka karaoke...

melaka 2011..tembamya haku...

i just want you to know..
when you're in the darkest days..
i'll always be there to help you dear..
because all my life, i will stand by you...
even we're side by side or miles apart..

you'll always be my friend..
beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance..
thank you for your friendship throughout 16 years..

to my one and only lala aka birthday girl *girl ke??* aka my english teacher...
i just want to say Happy Birthday to you old friend..

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