Saturday, October 25, 2008


1. How many time have you been in love?
hmm dunno..hihi..crush byk la...(gatal noo....)

2. 3 songs that make you remind of her/him?
x ado..aku ni lyn lagu n feeling sorg2 ja..x kose nak p igt kt org...

3. What is the romantic thing that you do for him/her, or he/she do for you?
can i keep it as a secret....hihihi..

4. 3 nicknames he/she uses to call you?
secreto de amor...

5. List 3 places you go with him/her?

6. What is the best memories with him/her?
ado ke????hahaha...

7. What is his/her birthday, if you remember?
nov tutttttttt

8. List gifts from him/her that you like?

9. How you declare your love to her (man), or how you accept his love (woman)?

10. How long you take to forget him/her?
life must go on right????so lg baik fikirkan mereka yg lebih menyayangi diri

11. What is her physical part that you like about him/her?
lips...oppssss terlebih sudah..

12. What is he/ doing right now?
no eye deer...

13. Can you accept him/her back if she want to?
sorry itu bkn aku..dah break dah la..kwn no problem...

14. Have you contact him/her(ex) when you with your partner?
stupid question la..bodo la kalo aku buat

15. Have you done something inappropriate with him/her(ex) before?
aku masih suci tau....x suka la tgk kapel2 yg over dr org yg dah kawen

16. Did you go out with him/her(ex), without been known by your partner?
bodo la tu..nama nya gatai cari masalah...

17. 2 things from her(ex) that you keep, without been known by your partner?
bg aku benda lama jgn dikenang..hihi..poyo..

18. Do you think your relationship with her(ex) is hotter than with your partner?

19. Do you hide something in your mobile phone from your partner?
mesti la...x kn semua nak tunjuk..

20. Have you cheated or try to cheat your partner?
aku terpaksa kot...

21. Who should do this tag?
sapa yg msk blog aku ni n rasa nak buat...x wajib utk jujur dlm memberi jwpn..rasa aku ni jujur ka jwb tagged ni????????


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